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Real Estate & Property Imagery

Our professional Real Estate drone photography and video services are designed to help your listings stand out from your competitors, show your sellers that you’re using the best team available, and get better return on your marketing investment.

Our experience in residential, commercial, and luxury Real Estate drone photography help you market the properties in visually attractive way, highlighting property details, showing important features and proximity to nearby location amenities. Experience the difference our skilled drone photographers and quick, in-house professional Real Estate photo and video editing services can make in your residential and commercial real estate marketing results

We can offer the following aerial property services:

Exterior Drone Photography

Exterior Drone Videography

Interior Photography

Interior Stabilised HD Video “Walk-Through” Virtual Tours

Background Music

Full Graphics Packages

“According to MLS, one of America’s largest real estate listing agencies, homes that were listed with aerial photos sold 68% faster than those with standard images. Drones also make it very easy to provide a video tour of the property. The National Association of Realtors (U.S) reported that 73% of homeowners said that they were more likely to list their home with an agent who offered videos as well as photos”.

White Label & Drone Hire

Looking for aerial footage for a certain project for a client, but don’t have the budget to invest thousands of pounds into training a staff member, purchasing a drone, insurance and CAA approval?

We offer a one stop shop solution! We will send out a fully qualified, CAA approved and Insured drone operator with the latest drone and camera to fit your requirement for the day. You can direct them to get the exact shots require for your project with no hassle.

Golf Course Imagery

Creating beautiful golf course flyover videos that showcase the beauty of each course’s unique design from a bird’s eye view. Our experienced staff includes video production experts who use the latest in video production techniques to produce high quality videos at affordable prices. We can offer time-lapse video production, aerial video production, interviews with club professionals, golf course overview videos, and event video coverage.

If you’d like more information on our Golf Course Video Production services, contact one of our team today.

Construction & Inspection

Until the last few years, surveying, inspecting and mapping assets have been costly and highly inefficient to conduct. Workers are often placed in dangerous situations or spending valuable time to provide essential reports. ‘Drones’ (UAVs) are a cost effective and safe solution for all of these complications. TAG Drone Services can help you increase business efficiencies by 80% by implementing the use of drones and move you into the next generation of asset monitoring and mapping.

Aerial time-lapse photography is the technique taking imagery at the same location and height over a period of time, displaying the change and progress periodically. You will be able communicate your project achievements to stakeholders, consultants, contractors and staff. We can also supply print ready images ‘on demand’ for publicity, press releases and online content.

Outdoor Events

Using drone footage to create amazing marketing and event recap videos is the next big thing! Festivals and concerts are usually bigger events that take a lot of planning to run smoothly. Drone photography is the perfect tool to avoid your hard work going unnoticed. With an aerial perspective, event planners can now show off event locations, crowds of people and their set-up like never before.

ENG Services and Crew

Looking for a camera crew for your corporate production, live event or trade show?

We’ve shot hundreds (thousands?) of events, trade shows, testimonials and corporate videos.

Odd hours (meaning third shift), weekends, holidays?  It’s all a part of what we do, 24/7/365 no extra charge.

Great communication before the event ensures we’ll be prepped and ready to shoot your video when the call time arrives.


We can shoot with Sony FX 7 and Sony a7iii in 4K or Full HD video whichever you prefer, even higher if we’re shooting Red Cinema.

We carry multiple lighting kits, teleprompter, wired/wireless microphones and enough grip accessories to get the job done the way you want.


Most importantly, everyone on staff shoots AND edits video.  Please don’t underestimate how important this is. You’re not just getting someone who can turn a camera on, you’re getting someone who can assist you in telling your story.

We can assist you in producing the video so that you leave with what you need. So many times a client has handed us footage shot by a production company, only to find there were no cutaways, master shots or room tone.  It really can make the edit challenging. With us you’ll get great videography and more without even asking.



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